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Eclipse Timings in UT:

Start of partial eclipse (1st contact): 05:13
Start of annular eclipse (2nd contact): 07:18
Mid eclipse: 07:24
End of annular eclipse (3rd contact): 07:29
End of partial eclipse (4th contact): 09:22

Selected time zone deltas:

Eastern Australia: + 10 hours
China: + 8 hours
Central Europe: + 1 hour,
US (East Coast): -5 hours
US (West Coast): -8 hours

The eDay

On 15. January 2010 an annular solar eclipse takes place over the Indian Ocean. The eclipse reaches a duration of over 11 minutes soutwest of the Maldives islands. It is the longest annular eclipse of the 3rd millennium. Also the total duration of the eclipse (including the partial phases) is with its more than 4 hours unusually long. This is due to the moon progessing slower in front of the sun near his farest point (apogee). Stephan Heinsius and Dirk Ewers will observe the solar eclipse from the Maldive isalnd of Ellaidhoo west of the capital Male. images and near live reports from the Maldives are expectes from Tue. 12 January onwards. A live transmission of the event depends on the technical facitities on site and results are expected to be announced on 12th or 13rd January.  

Location - Maledives Hotel "Ellaidhoo"

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